Sling Solutions

Companies around the world are continually at risk of having their clients’, employees’, and supply chain’s data exposed. Sling offers organizations a unique solution for cyber insurance by automatically monitoring risks targeting their attack surfaces and defining the correct premium costs based on each organization’s risk score.

Sling In Overview

Sling utilizes the experience of exhaustive Darkweb research, intelligence collection and analysis capabilities, honed within one of the world’s most elite military intelligence units. Our analysts use calculated proprietary methods to infiltrate the Darkweb where criminals engage and analyze over 350 verified sources including forums, marketplaces, auto shops, instant messaging platforms, information sharing websites and hacking repositories. 

About the Team

The Sling team is configured of experts across three disciplines – cyber intelligence, security and insurance, all of which have played a role in development of the cutting edge technologies that form the foundation of our approach to cyber risk quantification. All in order to provide our customers with a tailor made insurance and cybersecurity solution which is intelligence led.

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