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Companies around the world are continually at risk of having their clients’, employees’, and supply chain’s data exposed. Sling offers organizations a unique solution for cyber insurance by automatically monitoring risks targeting their attack surfaces and defining the correct premium costs based on each organization’s risk score.

Cyber risk-based premiums solved

Sling offers SMBs a unique solution for ongoing smart Cyber Insurance by automatically monitoring the Darknet for risks and threats targeting their attack surfaces.


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Sling in overview

Leveraging years of experience and exhaustive training, our expert analysts use calculated, proprietary methods to infiltrate the dark web and other black marketplaces where criminal actors engage. We leverage more than 10 years of expertise in Dark Web research and intelligence analysis & collection, as well as unique skills from Israel’s elite military intelligence units.

Sling is capable of automatically monitoring hundreds of thousands of assets over millions of sources. Zero reliance on manual intelligence monitoring means timely, reliable intelligence for even the largest enterprises in the world.

Our technologies have been used by enterprise and government organizations globally for nearly a decade.

About the Team

SLING’s team is made up of intelligence, insurance and actuary experts, all leveraging unique skills from Israel’s elite military intelligence unites.

 The combination of intelligence backgrounds and professionalism in the cyber and insurance world, enables SLING to develop high-end technologies, analyze complex data and provide tailor made insurance from an intelligence point-of-view.

Our Solutions


simple underwriting process

Having extensive knowledge of cyber risks and a great deal of collected and measured data, we can handle the challenges of underwriting quickly, easily, and accurately.


know your cyber risk all time

Your assets are continuously monitored to detect any new indicators of risk. Once identified, Sling recommends immediate mitigation measures, helping reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack.


Rapid expert response

The Fast solution system will provide you with everything you need, from a special incident response team to fast claim payments.

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