The Proactive Ultimate Accurate New Generation Of A Cyber Insurance Tool​

Cyber Risk-based Premiums Solved

Sling offers small to medium sized businesses a unique blend of proactively managed intelligence, security and insurance services. The Sling platform continuously and automatically mines the Darkweb for threat intel linked to your business and provides context based actionable insight in order to eliminate the present threats. 

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Our Innovative Cyber Risk Assessment Technology


Think Dark


Visualize the data


Partners, not clients


Simple underwriting process

Having extensive knowledge of cyber risks and a great deal of collected and measured data, we can handle the challenges of underwriting quickly, easily, and accurately.


Always know your
cyber Risk

Your assets are continuously monitored to detect any new indicators of risk. Once identified, Sling recommends immediate mitigation measures, helping reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack.


Rapid expert response

The Fast solution system will provide you with everything you need, from a special incident response team to fast claim payments.

Cyber risk quantified by cyber insurance experts

Creating the insurance company of the future requires pushing boundaries and thinking differently.

Based on extensive cyber knowledge, we built a new company to help businesses mitigate Cyber risk efficiently.

When provided with the right measures, every business can thrive in the current digital oriented world. Thus, modern business environments can no longer rely on old cyber risk management solutions. Insurers must think creatively in order to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Sling’s answer is an ongoing cyber insurance solution that automatically monitors Darknet & attack surface for risks and threats. By combining the data, Sling provides the sling score, our own indication of a company’s vulnerability and exposure to attacks.