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Creating the Insurance company of the future requires pushing boundries and thinking differently

Based on extensive cyber knowledge, we built a new company to help businesses mitigate Cyber risk quickly and efficiently.

We believe that every business, when provided with the right measures, can thrive in the current digital oriented world. In this situation, modern business environments can no longer rely on old cyber risk management solutions. Insurers must think creatively in order to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Sling’s answer is an ongoing, smart cyber insurance solution that automatically monitors Darknet & attack surface for risks and threats. By combining the data, Sling provides the sling score, our own indication of a company’s vulnerability and exposure to attacks.

Our Managing team

CEO & Founder

Nir Barak

Nir leads the development of SLING’s Cyber Threat Intelligence tools and unique intelligence methods. Nir serves as Chairman of the KELA Group. 

Group R&D Manager

Aviya elchayani

Previously, Aviya was an officer in a cyber center in the 8200 unit, and she worked at both IAI and startups. She graduated from Ben Gurion University with a degree in neuroscience and computer science.

product Manager

yuval Sapir

Yuval brings to the team her extensive experience in Threat Intelligence, gained both in the Israeli cyber industry as well as the intelligence unit 8200.

Actuary Director

Tzvi Shapira

Actuary with experience in financial institutions. He has worked in reinsurance and insurance firms across the world. Besides his BA in Economics and Finance, Tzvi has a Diploma in Actuarial Science and Statistics from the University of Haifa.

Business Development Manager

Mirit Frishman

With over four years of professional experience as an attorney, Mirit has established an impressive track record. In addition, Mirit did ballet for ten years, and is also an alum from the 8200 unit.

Data Analyst Manager

Nizan Cohen

Certified lawyer, worked for a leading law firm in Israel. As a Reserve Major in the Israeli Air Force and in the PM’s Office, Nizan has experience in the intelligence field. She holds LL.B and B.A in Business from the IDC, Herzliya.

Intelligence Team Lead

Eran sharabi

The cyber field is an area of expertise for Eran. He has gained tremendous experience from the IDF, from consulting with cyber forces to building high complexity systems.

Operations Manager

Karin asis

Graduated from Bar-Ilan University with an MBA, and from Reichman University with a Bachelor of Laws. Has extensive experience in operations and legal matters.

Product Marketing

Gal korablikov

Has a Bachelor’s degree in economics and business management from Reichman University. Has been marketing for more than 10 years.

Office Manager

Hod Ben Adiri

A key member of our staff, Hod brings a wealth of experience in customer service and a deep understanding of human behavior.

Full stack Engineer

Dor Zion

Dor served at the ICT Intelligence unit as an R&D in the research department. Dor has extensive experience in various uniqueness  technologies. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from the Ben Gurion University.

Software Engineer

Ortal S. Hanoch

When she is not coding she enjoys kicking footballs and throwing barbeques. Ortal holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Ariel University, and has extensive experience from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Cyber Data Analyst

MIa Turkavka

Mia is a data expert at SLING ,and student to  BA in Psychology and Biology from Tel Aviv University .Mia speaks 6 languages  and lived 3 years in Switzerland.

Software Engineer

Arnon hillel

Arnon is Software Developer in an R&D team with an extensive experience in various unique technologies from several startup cyber companies. Arnon served in the special operations forces in IDF. Arnon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from Open University in Israel

Data Modeler

maya Gimelbrand

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Threat Intelligence Analyst

Eran sharabi

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Full stack Engineer

Slava Roistacher

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Penetration Tester

rozen Bomstein

Rozen knows how to set new boundries and chase after complicated 

Full Stack Engineer

Israel Granot

Israel doesn’t believe that learning is finite, he holds 2 Bachelor’s degrees and pursuing the next one.

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Know Your Cyber risk all time

Assets are continuously monitored to detect any new indicators of risk. A cyberattack can be reduced in likelihood by taking immediate mitigation measures once a thread is identified by SLING.

fast expert response

From special incident response teams to fast claims payments, the Fast solution system will benefit our insured companies and clients.

Maintaining 24/7 Cyber Insurance & Response Team