A new breed of unrivaled intelligence led cyber insurance

Following hot on the heels of our recent licensing approval announcement Sling cyber insurance is ready to offer a new and unrivaled intelligence led and proactively managed cyber risk insurance solution to help customers both manage and mitigate their cyber risk.

The foundation of our unique approach for quantifying cyber risk comes from utilising our own dark web threat intelligence platform which aims to penetrate the hardest to reach places across the internet. Those where cyber criminals engage and where Sling looks to automatically collect and analyse both structured and unstructured data sets from those interactions, then monitor and alert on the emerging threats emanating from the cyber criminal underground. To do this we leverage over a decade of experience and exhaustive training in darkweb research, intelligence collection and analysis across over 350 sources including forums, marketplaces, auto shops, instant messaging platforms, information sharing websites and hacking repositories. All in order to provide specific and context based customer threat data which informs the fast and accurate underwriting process of our solution.

Armed with these curated intelligence insights the next pillar of the process is the addition of insight from our in-house attack surface management and monitoring. Sling’ expertise in this field provides visibility of thousands of online assets across millions of sources and we build a comprehensive asset map, seeking out configuration weaknesses, missing patches, application bugs, encryption weaknesses etc, which are all assessed against the foundation level intel gained from the darkweb.

Within this continuous assessment cycle for our customers darkweb expertise and evaluation are at the core of our operations and inbuilt within our DNA, ensuring we fulfill our mission of reducing those typically ‘unknown’ cyber risks for our customers and consistently working from the viewpoint of cyber criminals.

To combat and provide visibility of aggregated exposure across our customer portfolio Sling is also able to reveal the attack surface of customer vendors, geolocate and map server locations and check customer profiles against significant or considered zero day vulnerabilities. All of these collated insights are available in real-time view via our interactive dashboard which provides visibility of all threats simultaneously – leaked credentials, hacking discussion references, leaked source code, compromised accounts, credit card records and network vulnerabilities. Customers have full access to their own unique profile. where they can manage their risk before, during and after a cyber incident. The clear and concise individual threat infographics feed into your own Sling cyber risk score, an accurate measure of the current risk profile for the business. All of these details are available in clear and easy to access reports making them actionable at a tactical, operational and strategic level. Email and text alerts provide updates of any new indicators of risk with follow up recommendations for mitigation measures. Remediation work is undertaken in partnership to help reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack becoming reality. As for the customer experience throughout the lifecycle with Sling, we will run masked phishing campaigns to show signs of where human error can expose the business and conduct non-standard breach and attack simulations to ensure security hygiene is profiled to best practices. These examples showcase the automatic and ongoing services that form part of the customer offering.

In instances where you have become the victim of cyber crime Sling’s post incident remediation capabilities provide support through the response and recovery phases of a cyber event to get you online and back to business fast!

Threat intelligence is now the battleground for cyber and we aim to protect and provide our customers with peace of mind by illuminating the darkweb, seeking and undertaking complex data analytics relevant to your business and providing a tailor made insurance and cybersecurity solution which is intelligence led.

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