The Proactive Accurate New Generation Of A Vendor Monitoring Tool​

Identify and manage vulnerabilities across your enterprise ecosystem.

The Sling platform performs extensive asset discovery and end-to-end mapping, including brands, networks, partners, and related organizations. Cybercrime sources and Attack Surface Mapping modules are used to scan the discovered assets for vulnerabilities. Based on these results, we compute an attack probability by using an in-house scoring algorithm.


Cutting-edge Threat Intelligence

Sling’s extensive cyber intelligence networks provide a deep understanding of security vulnerabilities and threats, from a localized and global point of view. We combine this knowledge with our innovative technology and ongoing monitoring to keep your business safe.


End-to-end asset mapping

When it comes to cyber security, nothing is more important than knowing how your risks break down in terms of your business assets, customers, partners, and network infrastructure. Sling’s end-to-end mapping provides a clear view of your current cybersecurity posture.


Ongoing Attack surface monitoring

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, which means that effective protection needs to be dynamic as well. At Sling we provide proactive monitoring that proactively detects changes in risk profiles or in the occurrence or severity of cyber threats.

Why Sling

Sling brings to the forefront a unique focus on Threat Intelligence capabilities as a main parameter for risk assessment. Our in-house technologies combine leading Cybercrime Threat Intelligence (CTI) and Continuous External Threat Monitoring (CETM) to actively monitor our clients network and cyber intelligence risk at any given moment. Our platform performs ongoing scans and analyses of clients’ online presence, relaying on multiple sources and unique access to Darknet platforms. Using advanced crawlers, Sling is looking for initial access brokers, ransomware possibilities and critical vulnerabilities on the clients’ without performing active scans.

An actionable score that eliminates guesswork

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Attackers perspective

Assess the cyber risk from an attacker point of view by maintaining access and monitoring hundreds of unique sources that we have identified as significant and relevant all through the Darknet underground communities.

portfolio overview

Allows customers to keep track of the entire portfolio of the organization and manage the exposure from a high-level perspective.